EDITORIAL: WrestleMania 32 line-up possibilities for Sting and Cena

When I saw John Cena and Sting standing on the stage at the end of Raw, I wondered if we were looking at a future WrestleMania singles match. I don’t know if Sting is seen as “Cena worthy” as an act in 2015, and perhaps his ratings performance during this run-up to Night of Champions and Network sub increases and PPV buys for NOC might be a deciding factor.

I expect Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker “III” is a headline match,¬†and I could see either¬†Triple H vs. Seth Rollins or Triple H & Stephanie McMahon against The Rock & Ronda Rousey as two headline matches. Could John Cena’s match be against a turncoat Sting? Sting is an “icon” and Cena has faced just about every “icon” available short of Steve Austin who preceded him during the Monday Night War boom period.

In many ways, I see Cena as a more successful version of Sting. It was 25 years ago Sting was supposed to be leading WCW into the ’90s as the leader to combat the WWF-led Hulk Hogan. But after winning the title, he fizzled. I talked last week on the PWTorch Livecast with Jim Ross about that and also with Bruce Mitchell about that failed title run in last weekend’s Bruce Mitchell Audio Show (a VIP exclusive).

Cena has the physique, good athleticism, and that square jaw – a package of features promoters look for over the years. Cena ended up being much more dedicated to his craft, part of a better machine to encourage his growth as a performer, and an overall better ring acumen and work ethic. Cena is, in many ways, what WCW hoped Sting was headed toward becoming. It didn’t happen for Sting.

Still, I see Cena and Sting as being similar enough, but from two different eras, to be an intriguing special attraction match at WrestleMania. As Ross told me last week, it’s just too early to lock down any of the WrestleMania 32 line-up, but speculating on various paths it could go is interesting to dissect. Depending on how things play out with the other top stars on the card (whether Roman Reigns is a Vince McMahon priority by then is going to factor into this, as Roman as a heel could also be a worthy Cena opponent by then), Cena vs. Sting seems like it has an outside chance to happen and should be part of the speculation in coming months.

Sting has been turned on by so many of his “friends” and partners over the years, isn’t it about time for Sting to return the favor against Cena? Maybe it would work. However, if Undertaker continues to be portrayed as a heel in his feud with Lesnar, it’s hard to imagine McMahon would green-light both Sting and Taker on the WM32 card as heel legends. I think that alone is among the very top reasons it’s unlikely to happen. I’m not sure where else Sting lands of significance, though. Maybe against heel Roman Reigns?

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