RANDOM THOUGHTS: Sting, Seth Rollins, John Cena – Reflections on today’s PWTorch Livecast with Jason Powell

Jason Powell joined me as usual for the Tuesday PWTorch Livecast and the hot topics from Raw with callers and emailers focused on Seth Rollins vs. Sting and also how John Cena fits in.

One interesting point brought up is match order. Jason made a case for Sting vs. Seth going on early in the show, perhaps even first, and then Cena vs. Seth going on last. This would make sense on a number of levels, even though it’s counter-intuitive to the U.S. Title being defended first and the World Title last.

Clearly, Cena vs. Seth is going to be the better match. Besides the Livecast with Jason Powell today, I recorded nearly 90 more minutes of Summerslam analysis and a few other short topics with Steve Austin for his “Steve Austin Show” at PodcastOne.com. Part one, covering Summerslam’s undercard, dropped today (Click Here to Listen: Steve Austin Show with Wade Keller). Part two will drop Thursday at this link. Steve was very, very high on Seth vs. Cena from Summerslam. I would certainly welcome a rematch between these two, as they have great chemistry and really seem to work well together, playing to each other’s strengths.

Sting, on the other hand, is not at Seth’s level, obviously. At 56 years old, and an infrequent wrestler these days, he can’t come close to matching Cena’s workrate. Seth, though, might be a perfect opponent for him. I thought Seth would be a great pick for Sting’s opponent at WrestleMania earlier this year.

So if Seth vs. Sting is going to be a letdown compared to Seth vs. Cena, maybe it makes sense to have Sting vs. Seth early on the card. Seth can make his case that if he has to wrestle twice, he wants to pick the order. Or perhaps some angle the night of the show leads to Sting vs. Seth getting “jump-started.”

I’m curious to see if Sting can get better on the mic, assuming they give him much of a chance the next two weeks. I’m even more curious if Sting can bring more to the ring against Seth than he did against Hunter at WrestleMania.

If you didn’t hear today’s PWTorch Livecast with Jason and me, you can stream or download it at this link.

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