EDITORIAL: WrestleMania 32 line-up possibilities for Sting and Cena

When I saw John Cena and Sting standing on the stage at the end of Raw, I wondered if we were looking at a future WrestleMania singles match. I don’t know if Sting is seen as “Cena worthy” as an act in 2015, and perhaps his ratings performance during this run-up to Night of Champions and Network sub increases and PPV buys for NOC might be a deciding factor. I… Read Article →

THURSDAY’S WADE KELLER VIDEO BLOG DEBUT: 3 hot TOpics on Raw, Sting, Tough Enough (Aug. 27, 2015)

Check out the first-ever “Wade Keller Video Blog” covering three hot topics in the news on Aug. 27, 2015 (Raw ratings, Sting’s WWE Title prospects, Tough Enough’s future). I intend to be doing more of these video blogs on a regular basis soon. Let me know what you think! (We should be adding some production polish to these over time as I get more familiar with the video editing software.)

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the new 2015 Wade Keller Blog

A few years ago I had been updating a blog here at WadeKeller.com, but as of September 2012, I shifted my efforts elsewhere. Well, as summer comes to an end and we look for exciting ways to reach our visitors in the upcoming “new fall season,” I’ve decided to bring it back here in September 2015, but with some new twists. My intent is to write at least one blog per day reacting… Read Article →