INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the new 2015 Wade Keller Blog

A few years ago I had been updating a blog here at, but as of September 2012, I shifted my efforts elsewhere. Well, as summer comes to an end and we look for exciting ways to reach our visitors in the upcoming “new fall season,” I’ve decided to bring it back here in September 2015, but with some new twists.

My intent is to write at least one blog per day reacting to the news of the day which is covered over at, our main news & results website, plus any TV shows or specials I watch (DVD, etc.), review books I’m reading, and chime in on big MMA stories from time to time, also. (Be sure to check out our sister site,, for daily MMA coverage.)

I also plan to try something completely new, which is hosting a “PWTorch Today” Video Blog where I react to or break down three hot topics in the news in a more rapid-fire fashion than my longer form VIP Audio Updates.

This is a Word Press site, a CMS that I haven’t used before, so I will be updating the look and format of it as I learn more about customizing it, but I’ve kept it really simple out of the gate because I want this to be about my writing and video blogs without a ton of bells and whistles, at least at first. I’ve been itching to carve out time to write more about daily news and start a video blog, and Word Press is an ideal outlet to help me fulfill that mission.

This is a soft launch this week as I delve more into the features of Word Press and learn to produce video blogs. So I’d consider this my BETA version of the new blog site. I intend to ramp up the frequency of the text blogs and video blog entires pretty quickly as we head into September. So stop by every day to see what I’ve added.

You can email me at if you have a question you want me to address in a blog related to current events or in response to something I’ve written. I’ll be happy to answer reader mail and respond to comments you email to me about various blog entries.

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