Keller Bio

I am Wade Keller! I founded Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter in 1987, which has gone on to be one of the long-running premier brands covering the pro wrestling industry from an independent point of view, unaffiliated with any wrestling promotion, void of blind cheerleading for any wrestling promotions or wrestlers, featuring authoritative news reports and hard-hitting commentaries.

The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter continued to publish weekly editions, with over 1,400 issues and counting. It is available as a paper copy subscription for $99 a year or as part of an online VIP membership for $99 a year (including PDF and & All-Text editions of the newsletter, plus ad-free access to our website, 25+ years of newsletter archives, and tons and tons of new and vintage audio shows). Information can be found at is our main website covering pro wrestling with daily new updates, with James Caldwell and our team of paid staff and volunteer contributors providing comprehensive updates on the latest happenings in pro wrestling worldwide, plus live TV and PPV coverage, editorials, and special features.

The PWTorch app is also available in the Apple App Store for iPhones/iPads and Google Play Store for Android devices.

The Torch Newsletter covered MMA from the very first UFC PPV onward. We split off our MMA coverage to the MMATorch brand, which is a website ( and an app (MMATorch).

You can listen to the daily PWTorch Livecast, available live Monday through Friday at or on delay via iTunes and all popular podcast apps. The MMATorch Livecast airs once or twice a week; check for the latest shows and upcoming live showtimes.

I was honored to receive the Jim Melby Excellence in Pro Wrestling Journalism Award by the Lou Thesz/George Tragos National Wrestling Hall of Fame earlier this year (2015).