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EDITORIAL: What was the Vince McMahon Tweet about “E is for Entertainment” above New Day dancing with The Authority all about?

So what did that Tweet from Vince McMahon mean, the one where he said “E is for Entertainment” above a gif of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon dancing goofily with The New Day on Raw?My first thought was that he got a kick out of it, thought it was entertaining, and decided as one of his handful of infrequent monthly Tweets, to point out that this is part of the WWE… Read Article →

EDITORIAL: Hogan pleads his case and explains how he was pushed to resign from WWE

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, which PWTorch assistant editor James Caldwell summarized at PWTorch.com today, Hulk Hogan said the following in his defense: “They’ve known me for over 30 years and they know I’m not a racist, so they should have went to the source. I don’t use the word, ever, except for in that moment of anger.” Hogan needs to get his story straight. Didn’t he tell ABC’s “Good… Read Article →